Parking in Towns and Cities

The Gallery, 70 Cowcross St., London EC1M 6EJ
Tue, 17/09/2019 - 1:30pm - 5:00pm

How to strike a better balance between parked cars and people

A half-day afternoon conference reviewing the design and management of urban areas and the provision of parking, the economics and opportunities for better use of the land, and the potential higher development densities and better facilities for walking, cycling and public transport could have in reducing the need for car ownership and use.

In partenership with London Living Streets




  • History of the highway - how the car came to dominate
    David Harrison, London Living Streets
  • Parking pricing, and subsidies & update on Centre for London research on 'Future parking and kerbside management'
    Martin Wedderburn, Transport Planning Society & Silviya Barrett, Centre for London
  • Towns for people or towns for parked cars?
    Amanda Reynolds, AR Urbanism & Urban Design Group
  • Integrating transport planning and land use planning, health and liveability
    Jenny Raggett, Transport for New Homes  
  • Space to Park - best design for parking
    David Birkbeck, Design for Homes


Tea Break

  • Workplace Parking Levy
    Adam Harrison, Cabinet Member for a Sustainable Camden (including Transport)
  • Innovations in car parking and urban design - Vauban and beyond
    Emma Griffin, Independent Journalist and Campaigner
  • Reimagining streets without parked cars
    Brenda Puech, Streets for People 
  • Rethinking parking restrictions and legislation
    Julian O’Kelly, British Parking Association 

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