Crossing the Street

The Gallery, 70 Cowcross St., London EC1M 6EJ
Tue, 12/03/2019 (All day)

Half Day conference organised by London Living Streets and the Urban Design Group focusing on newly developed and evolving techniques to give greater priority to active travellers when crossing streets.


Designers and Engineers will obtain a better understanding of the needs of different types of people when using a crossing and the limitations to their ability and how to cater for them. They will also learn about the range of best practice and new techniques that can enable a Council to discharge its statutory duties, including the Equality Act Public Sector Equality Duty, as well as the common law duty of care owed by highway authorities to all highway users. 

Campaigners will learn about latest innovations and best practice that should be a feature of the streets where they live.




New Approaches to Informal Crossings – the experience from Manchester’s Beelines

Brian Deegan, Urban Movement


The Pedestrian Experience at signalised crossings – Latest Research

Mike Grahn (Queen Mary, UoL)


Signal controlled crossings - adapting the network to facilitate active travel

Andy Rogers, TfL Network Manager


London Living Streets’ new guidance on crossings at major junctions

Brenda Puech, Mobility Consultant