Autonomous Vehicles and the implications for Street and Urban Design

The Gallery,70 Cowcross Street, EC1V 6EJ
Wed, 22/11/2017 - 6:15pm - 8:00pm

Autonomous Vehicles and the implications for Streets and Urban Design. 

Autonomus vehicles could change the way goods are delivered, and extend personal mobility to people who at the moment are dependent on public transport. 

The impact could be far reaching

- will we cease to visit the shops and instead shop via the internet and receive deliveries from autonomous vehicles?

- will this be the death-knell for the high street?

- could congestion increase massively?

- could active travel decline even further?

- will bus services become unviable?

How do we envisage, anticipate and plan for adaptation and change to movement patterns that largely define our built environment? What will be the role of towns and cities in a digital age, with increasing localisation of production i.e. 3D printing, artificail intellligence etc.

Led by Riccardo Bobbisse,