Urban Design Room 101 - Christmas Party

Marshall’s Design Space, Compton Courtyard, 40 Compton St London EC1V 0BD
Thu, 15/12/2016 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Rob Cowan comperes this show (standing in for Frank Skinner) in which 10 would-be celebrities will try to convince the audience as to why their urbanistic pet hate or worst nightmare should go into Room 101.

Each of the 10 will have five minutes to persuade you with loathing, venom and humour.

The winner will be selected by applause volume, measured by our finely calibrated clapometer.

Complimentary drinks and food (courtesy of Marshalls).

Restricted initially to Urban Design Group members and guests. Admission £8.  6.00pm drinks, 6.30pm start.


Numbers are limited, so book now.



Venue is the Marshall’s Design Space, Compton Courtyard, 40 Compton St  London EC1V 0BD