Tall Buildings and London's position as a World City:

Wed, 21/09/2016 - 6:20pm - 8:20pm

Are tall buildings an inevitable response to London's global position as a World City?
Do we have all the appropriate tools to adequately evaluate the impact of tall buildings?
What is their role in the process of sustainable urbanism for London?

This event, led by UDG Exec Member Barry Sellers, explores the theme of Urban Design 138.




Ziona Strelitz, Director, ZZA Responsive User Environments   


Tall buildings and sustainability

Chris Twinn - Chris Twinn Sustainability and Innovation


Tall Buildings in London - the current and emerging position 

James Cook,  Planning Direct, GL Hearn Limited


The GLA - Policy and Strategy 

Colin WIlson, Strategic Planning Manager, GLA


Followed by discussion.

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