Laura Alvarez

Initially Laura followed a career in science, achieving a certificate in Chemistry from the local technical school and starting a degree in Physics at the University of La Plata, Argentina.

Taking a career change in 1995, Laura enrolled on an Architecture and Urbanism course, later working as a consultant to the local authority, planning and delivering regeneration projects and writing local design codes and guides. Laura has also worked on various projects nationally and internationally as a funding member and Vice-president of a charity dedicated to the preservation of the local heritage.

Since moving to the United Kingdom in January 2002, Laura has worked for large and small commercial firms with a range of specialities. She became a volunteer for the UDG and the Regional Convenor for the East Midlands in 2008, achieving the Recognised Practitioner accreditation in 2009.

Laura believes that having background experience in different sectors within the urban design practice is a key element in achieving a realistic and pragmatic view.  Having accomplished that she has recently moved into academia and is now a PhD student at the University of Nottingham.

She also sees teaching as a fundamental role in any profession. Knowledge that is not shared has little real value, and Laura works very hard to ensure her skills and experience are shared with the future generations through teaching roles at Nottingham Trent University and at the University of Nottingham.