Alison Westray-Chapman

Allison has spent her all career in the field of economic development and regeneration. Absolutely passionate about people and places in 2008, she embarked on a mission to improve the quality of place within North East Derbyshire District Council and established the Urban Design Academy (UDA) with support from a range of public and private sector organisations. The outcomes were achieved were far greater than anticipated, and included, a skills audit and BfL training for all Councillors, adopting a BfL policy and measuring the positive impact of the policy, organising a highly successful Urban Design Best Practice Event for local authorities, establishing an Urban Design Best Practice Group for the council and co-writing a foundation degree module in Urban Design, accredited by Leeds Beckett University.

The UDA is now registered as a social enterprise and will to provide a role in, building capacity , facilitating community leadership, and engagement with young people as well as, residents, community groups and other stakeholders; building partnerships with schools, colleges and universities to develop ways to meet the skills gap. Allison is one of the Directors and intends to play a key role in continuing this work.

Allison has a degree in Sociology, a post graduate Certificate in Planning Urban Design and Sustainable Development and an MBA. She also is a qualified lecturer and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.