TownFest 2018

Facing up to the Urban Design Challenges for Towns and Smaller Cities

This event is being organised as a prelude to this year’s National Urban Design Conference: Winchester Thursday 20th- Saturday 21st September 2018.   

We invite 4-5 minute presentations from practitioners ready to share their understanding of the problems and potential ways forward.


We aim to look at: 

o   General Challenges eg changing retail and employment patterns, air quality etc,

o   Governance eg design skills shortages, long term direction and vision, quality of development, pressure on finances, conflict between urban and car based rural dwellers etc.

o   Movement and Public Realm eg encouraging active travel, reallocating road-space, car parking, feasibility of permanent public transport: tram, light rail and metro.

o   Change within the Town eg regeneration, redevelopment, densification, strengthening character, identity and “USP” unique sense of place, increasing vibrancy and mixed use.

o   Change outside the Town  eg greenfield and “brownfield” development, urban extensions, expansion of villages, new satellite settlements.