"City Image, or City Life" - The Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture

"Kevin Lynch influenced planners of the brutalist period, and raised awareness of urban form and character. How does his legacy play alongside that of other key thinkers of the time? How does all of it influence our thinking today?"

The annual prestige lecture of the Urban Design Group commemorating the contribution made by Kevin Lynch to urban design and the analysis of towns and cities will be give by Tim Pharoah MSc, CMILT, FCIHT, MTPS of Living Transport., winner of the 2107 Urban Design Group Lifetime Achievement Award.

Tim has been involved in over 150 widely varying projects including the design of specific places, areas and town plans, and regional and national policy studies. In addition to involvement in projects in the UK and other countries, he has managed, authored or contributed to a number of national best practice guides and reports, including Buses in Urban Developments (CIHT, 2018), Manual for Streets (DfT, 2007) and the award-winning Traffic Calming Guidelines (Devon County Council, 1991).

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