National Urban Design Awards 2020

The National Urban Design Awards celebrate the best in the design of towns and cities, streets and spaces and for 2020 will offer up a something more than a little different. 

After 10 years of the National Urban Design Awards we think it’s time to investigate the lessons to be learnt from the 88 winners and finalists of previous Awards. How do we create, build, deliver good urban design? 

There’s no change to the Student, Book or Lifetime Achievement Awards but for the Public Sector and Practice Project we plan to mine the wealth of experience and expertise of our past shortlists and in reviewing, find out what these projects can tell us about how to deliver best practice in urban design in the UK.

  • For our shortlisted masterplans, how many of them made it off the page? If not, why not?
  • For those that made it out of the ground, how many stayed true to the original winning / short listed design aspirations? Who called the shots?
  • With a few years now passed for occupation how well have the schemes been received? What have they added to the health and well-being of the communities they have created or provided for?
  • What have been the difficulties, challenges and successes?

From this pool of past entries we will be handing out a few special awards on the night, and we are very excited to discover just what those should be for as we drill down into what constitutes high quality, successful urban design.

Most importantly we will assimilate what we learn from these investigations as we look forward to a new look National Urban Design Awards for 2021. With the current political and public focus on health, well-being and climate change we must revisit the realities of designing, delivering and then properly appraising the lived-in experience of urban design projects.

The Awards are supported by the Francis Tibbalds Trust who generously fund a £600 prize to the winner of the Student Award and in previous years a £1,000 prize to the winner of the Practice Project Award.

The finalist of both the Student and Book Awards will be announced shortly with an Awards event on 29 April at Cowcross Street.


  2019 shortlist, winners and presentations

  2018 shortlist, winners and presentations

  History of the Awards and past winners



Practice Project Award Winner:

Studio Partington, Andover Estate

Public Sector Award Winner:

South Cambridgeshire DC, Maramalade Lane

Student Award Winner:

Owen Reading, Oxford Brookes University