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Founded in 1978, the Urban Design Group (UDG) is a campaigning membership organisation with over 1000 members who care about the quality of life in our cities, towns and villages, and believe that raising standards of urban design is central to its improvement.

The UDG website contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in urban design including details of urban design practices, university courses, publications and job vacancies, as well as future urban design events. Our regular email newsletter Urban Update is a one-stop-shop for urban design news, articles and blog posts.

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  • Strategic Urban Design
  • Modernising Street Design Practice
  • Increasing Local Authority Skills



This year we went BIG - big screen, big turnout and big events.

A massive thank you to our 20 Conference Speakers, 220 delegates, all our sponsors and to everyone else who helped to make this one of our most successful Conferences yet! Fabulously preceded by the job useful Design Quality Summit which announced the launch of Design : Midlands, and the fun and dynamic Urban DesignFest.

Thanks for all the positive feedback and tweets, we will build on it #PeopleFriendlyPlaces

Urban DesignFest panel of judges David Harrison (London Living Streets), Simon Delahunty Forrest (Birmingham City Council), Jane Findlay (President Elect, Landscape Institure) and Paj Valley (WPS) vigoroursly debate the winner of our poster competition who is...

Liz Reynolds of Urben! Click through on poster image to see her slide presentation.



As always, we couldn't put on such an ambitious event without the continuing and generous support of our sponsors GreenBlue Urban, Hardscape, Pegasus Group, Dar, Savills, Barton Willmore, Boyer, Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design, Urban Movement, RIBA Midlands, LI West Midlands and Glenn Howells Architects.

Watch sponsor videos below, with some fantastic showcasing of Birmingham.






The National Urban Design Awards celebrate the best in the design of towns and cities, streets and spaces and for 2020 will offer up a something more than a little different. 

After 10 years of the National Urban Design Awards we think it’s time to investigate the lessons to be learnt from the 80 winners and finalists of previous Awards. How do we create, build, deliver good urban design? 

There’s no change to the StudentBook or Lifetime Achievement Awards but for the Public Sector and Practice Project we plan to mine the wealth of experience and expertise of our past shortlists and in reviewing, find out what these projects can tell us about how to deliver best practice urban design in the UK. Read more.





Next Event at UDG

Our next event is the upcoming Kevin Lynch Memorial Lecture 14 November 2019 held at Gustav Tuck Lecture Theatre, University College London. We are delighted to announce that this year’s lecture will be given by the neuroscientist Professor Kate Jeffery, one of the world’s foremost experts on how mammals navigate, and develop their own mental maps. Her research shows how our brains enable our sense of place and sense of direction, and the sorts of environments that get us confused or lost.

Visit our events page for additional future events. Our most recent was on City Resilience, hosted by Perkins and Will, where we discussed the new British Standard BS 67000:2019 City resilience (guide), and how urban design and engineering needs to evolve to meet the challenges to come.

See our events archive archive, including the Future High Street Fund: inspiration for success. Presentations, key ideas and recommendations...


Happy 40 Birthday UDG!

The UDG was formally constituted on 10 April 1979. 40 years on and we are very much still guided by the principles laid out in our original Manifesto:

"To provide a forum for those wo believe that planning should be more concerned with the improvement of the  design of the physical environment and the quality of places and to encourage all the professions to combine to this end. This is in the belief that society judges us primarily by the quality of the places we create..."

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   Reports, Surveys and Initiatives


Strategic Urban design Initiative 2019

Achieving good urban form through the local plan process

The UDG is launching a service to advise local authorities on strategic urban design issues in the local plan process modelled on the design review process. The Strategic Urban Design Initiative will provide support at critical stages of the plan making process to ensure that there is a strong design input into shaping towns or city quarters.

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Street Design in the UK

Pilot Survey 2018

Pilot survey reveals widespread failure to update highways standards

Following the UDG 2018 survey which showed that most highway authorities are still using 1960's street design standards, the UDG is to working to ensure that they adopt standards which reflect best practice, comply with professional codes of conduct and discharge statutory and common law duties.


Electric Vehicles: a threat to Cities?

Conference Report 2018

Are electric vehicles the solution to urban movement?

Following presentations from 12 leading speakers, delegates at the UDG - London Living Streets conference went away in grave doubt. 

Conference report.

Urban Design Skills in English Local Authorities

UCL - UDG - Place Alliance Report Sept 2017


Housing delivery under threat through a lack of design skills in planning departments

The UK Government, both in its manifesto and in the recent Housing Green Paper, committed itself to a step change in the delivery of high quality new homes across the country.  Research supported by the UDG puts those aspirations in doubt because of worsening design skills gaps in English local planning authorities.

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